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HR Jobs >> HR Articles >> HR Career Feature >> Ten Top Ways to Recruit Great Candidates in the Human Resources Field
  • HR Career Feature

Ten Top Ways to Recruit Great Candidates in the Human Resources Field

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In this guide, you will be introduced to the ten top ways to recruit great candidates in the Human Resources field. Talent acquisition teams in today's business environment seek to obtain only the best employees for the positions that they have to offer. If you have a specific opening in your company, it is absolutely essential to ensure that you work to recruit a number of qualified candidates who meet the criteria for the position, and then work from the pool that you have developed. Here, you will learn the ten top ways to recruit great candidates in the Human Resources Field.

Ten Top Ways to Recruit Great Candidates in the Human Resources Field
If you have a specific opening in your company, it is absolutely essential to ensure that you work to recruit a number of qualified candidates who meet the criteria for the position.
1. The first thing that you can do to ensure that you are recruiting candidates who will work in your Human Resources department is to make certain that you have a detailed job description for each and every single applicant that you meet with. This description should work to carefully outline each responsibility that the applicant will have, in a detailed manner, should they become hired for the position. You should provide this description to the applicants, and have them sign it to show that they have an understanding of the position.

2. The next thing that you should do is to create a job description outline that specifies behaviors, qualifications, and other characteristics that you are looking for when it comes to choosing that ''right'' applicant. When reviewing resumes, conducting interviews, and evaluating candidates, you should refer to this list often to ensure that you are pooling prospects who meet your specifications.

3. Many companies are starting to recognize the benefits associated with implementing the use of recruitment agencies. This may be an ideal way to discover the right candidates for the positions that you have open. You will simply provide a detailed description of the type of employees that you are seeking, pay a small fee, and allow the agency to handle most of the recruitment process. Then, in the last stages of this process, the potential employee will meet with you for an interview.

4. The next way that you can discover the right candidates for the position that you have available at your company is to implement the use of personality and/or psychology tests. These tests work to uncover the emotional intellect, honesty level, work ethics, and basic personality of the applicant. These tests may provide insight that you would not be able to achieve otherwise.

5. The next type of test that may prove to be beneficial in the pursuit of great candidate is the basic academic test. This type of test can test the applicant’s ability in reading comprehension, math, work ethics, problem solving, and more! This will give you the ability to gauge how easy it will be for the potential employee to handle the tasks and orders issued while working for your company, and how creative they are in their endeavor to excellence while employed.

6. The next method that you can use to recruit professionals is to go to websites that allow employees to create a profile, and post their resume. A popular example of this type of website is Monster. Here, you can use a variety of search methods in order to slim down the selection when it comes to candidates who match your needs. Many businesses have been quite successful in locating prime candidates when it comes to searching these types of websites.

7. Many businesses have started to implement the use of telephone screening in an effort to locate ideal candidates. This is a really simple procedure that only takes a little bit of time. Basically, you would reach the potential employee by telephone, then conduct a brief interview based on the qualifications that they possess regarding the position that you have open. This can even be used as a ''first'' interview in many situations.

8. When screening potential candidates for a position of employment, it is important to consider conducting professional background checks. These background checks should not only include the criminal history of an individual, but also the work history of that person. This will give you a great idea at how the person performed in their past jobs, and what type of character that they possess as well.

Ten Top Ways to Recruit Great Candidates in the Human Resources Field
Researching the candidates who are applying for jobs at your company will prove to be beneficial in the long run.
9. When interviewing potential candidates, it is important to really pay attention to them as people, not just another interview. Get to know them a little, personalize the interview process, and establish a high level of rapport with them. This will allow you to gauge their communication skills, their level of expertise, and will give you a ''feel'' for their personality type.

10. Last, but not least, when recruiting candidates who are ''right'' for your position, remember to consider the fact that lack of ''experience'' is not always a bad thing. Many businesses have found that those who come loaded with experience are often set in their ways and fail to adapt to change appropriately. Those who come with little to no experience sometimes adjust to the policies, procedures, and company standards a bit easier.

If you implement use of these ten top ways to recruit great candidates in the Human Resources field, you are sure to find that your company will be able to find the best employees for the positions that need filled!

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