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HR Jobs >> HR Articles >> HR Career Feature >> Becoming a Staffing Manager
  • HR Career Feature

Becoming a Staffing Manager

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A staffing manager is a person who is recruited by an employment agency which works along with companies for filling up job related vacancies. Some of the duties of the staffing or HR manager are as follows:

•    Screening of the applicants or candidates
•    Taking the interviews of job seekers
•    Recommendation of employees

Staffing management jobs require the overseeing and managing of the personnel department within an agency, organization, or company. The human resource staffing manager approves advertisements for new employees and is actively involved in the procedure of hiring employees for the organization. In a number of firms, the HR manager acts as the central force in the supervision of the employees as well as evaluating and retraining them.

The key responsibilities of the staffing manager is to offer mediation services for the struggling employees as well as sacking those who are not meeting the company's standards. Added to that, the duties of the staffing management involve maintaining a sound and healthy relationship with the clients who are seeking employees. In fact, with a number of companies turning to the staffing agencies, the demand for the staffing manager is increasing by the day.

The job of the HR manager is also to be aware of the local, state and federal employment guidelines, maintain the records of employees, complete and record the programs that are offered to the employees, maintain employee records and assist them in participating in the various programs offered by the company.

Start your career in human resource staffing by going for a bachelor's degree in a business field, preferably in business administration. Select a degree in college that takes care of the associated arts and communication related subjects. Once you are through with college, move on to the university for obtaining a master's degree in human resource administration, or for that matter business administration. A lot of companies expect their staffing management professionals to carry qualifications that are beyond the 4 years' undergraduate degree.

The staffing manager needs to be competent in effective oral as well as written communication skills. Other important areas of focus should comprise of time management skills, computer, and online skills and an efficient way to deal with problems.

Once you are through with college and graduation, go for an entry level position. You may also attend the career expos and job fairs that are held in your state while you are still in school. Entrance to these events is free and helps bring a lot of human resource staffing managers into a single location. Make use of this time to meet as many HR managers as you can. It would be good to let them know that you are working to be a staffing manager.

It is also important to dress well with a business suit, conservative hairdo, and make up, as this enhances your professional attitude. As a student who wants to be incorporated into staffing management, this is the best time to concentrate on a professional wardrobe.

There are a lot of companies which require their HR manager to have an experience of 5 to 7 years as a recruiter before becoming a staffing manager. This is the time that you can use for getting familiarity with the industry, the requirements of the job, as well as seek experience with employees and employers.

The global career prospects for a staffing manager are lucrative, as companies are keen to hire employees. Other than this, this vocation reflects an untapped earning potential with a great base salary and an excellent bonus structure. Rapid career advancement is also assured in this career.

The salaries of a staffing manager can range from $35,000 to $72,000 per annum. Added to this, there are comprehensive benefits such as insurances in the health, vision and dental fields, tuition reimbursement, paid holidays, personal paid time off, and more.

Human resource staffing careers are on the rise. Other than promising candidates with a work environment that is conducive, you are required to demonstrate the ability of prioritizing multiple tasks without compromising on the service or quality of the job. Training and retention of the employees are also crucial facets of the staffing management as is answering queries related to the policies and procedures of the company. Some of the other issues that are tackled by the HR manager include employee absenteeism, workplace safety, and health issues.

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