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HR Jobs >> HR Articles >> HR Career Feature >> Working as an HR Assistant and What That Entails
  • HR Career Feature

Working as an HR Assistant and What That Entails

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The term Human Resources is rather a broad one which has reference to the management of human capital of any organization. And a HR assistant is one such professional working within this field that plays a vital role in any organization, company, or firm. HR or Human Resources assistants have the key job or responsibility to update all of the personnel records of a particular organization.

A HR assistant helps a particular administration in the everyday operation of the functions and all the duties of human resources. He or she have various responsibilities in areas such as employee relations, departmental development, benefits, training, HRIS, administration of the executive, compensation, and also employment.

The other responsibilities of an HR or Human Resources assistant are to recruit and staff the logistics, manage the performance, and also improve the systems of tracking. Then he or she has to do the orientation training and development of employees and logistics, keep their records, etc. Then the HR assistant also has the job as a communicator between the employee and the company. The maintenance of all the files and systems of all employees are done by an HR assistant.

The HR assistant must do the administration of the various tests on aptitude, personality, and interests. Give explanation to the employees about the various policies of the company and the organization. Then also request for the references of the applicant's employers whether in the past or in the present. Screening of the applicants, to get information related to his or her background, work, education, etc is done by an HR assistant.

Then rather adds to the Human Resources' accomplishments related to their objectives and practices, providing a culture that would enhance the performance, productivity, standards, and quality of employees and also the organization. The assistant also assists in implementing policies, services, programs, etc. through his or her staff and provides a report to the director.

The primary objective of Human Resources or an HR assistant are: the assurance of workforce safety, superior development in the workforce, in the department of human resources, culture of the company, with emphasis to quality, performance and improvement, and also the development personally.

The qualification that HR assistants must have is a bachelor's degree and at least maximum experience of 2 years of business and better if in this field already. If there is the possession of a GED or General Equivalency Diploma then it would be a great advantage. Apart from these basic qualifications, he or she must also be diplomatic, tactful, and also have the ability or great communications skills with employees and organization or any individuals at any level.

He or she should perform their job responsibilities with satisfaction. They should also have the possession of ability, skills, knowledge, etc. The other requirements that the professional must have is great skills in computers, written and also oral communication, interpersonal skills, database management skills, skills in organizing, ability to do the identification and provide solutions to various problems, gathering and analysing various information, etc.

While doing his or her duties and responsibilities, the HR assistant must also give an ear to the employees. The assistant must keep track of the various characteristics of any particular environment. While in the process of his or her duty, the assistant must be keen and always aware of things happening around them.

The usual and annual salary of an HR assistant is between $33,000 and $40,000. It grows and adds on if the applicants possess all the required skills, qualification, and definitely the sound personality of becoming HR assistants. The industry is on the verge of growth because of an increasing level or growth in the various industries and organizations. The government is also increasing their demand for the recruitment of professionals from this field of work. This is because for the providence of better environment, performance and the enhancement of it, and also for the development of both the employees and the firm or the company. A healthy balance and relationship is maintained by the HR assistant, and that is the reason why their demand is growing with the passing of days and so is the competition in this field.

The opportunity and prospects in this Human Resources field is great and as per the Bureau of Labour Statistics of the US, there is a prediction that the employment opportunity would be growing at a fast rate and there would be job opportunities at an increased level by the year 2016. There were around 168,000 assistants working in the year 2006. Among these, 17% worked in the Federal government, state, or the local government. The rest worked in the public sector industries and the other private sector industries.

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