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Considering a Career in Human Resources?

Make sure you have a diverse and robust course selection in your college studies. If not already required courses, look for classes in performance appraisals, management principals, communications skills, and general business. Also, consider staying in school and pursuing a master's degree if you are looking for a higher-level entry position. Participating in an appropriate internship or even volunteering with a hiring service also looks good on a resume. If you are finished with schooling, look to obtain a certification in human resources. Opportunities are available at the HR Certification Institute website.

If you are worried about the Affordable Care Act and the effect on available full-time jobs, a little perspective is in order. According to a survey conducted by the Minneapolis Federal Reserve, close to 90% of businesses said they had no plans to cut hours. Yet some businesses will, and in order to avoid that, it is important to round out your resume with as many additional skills and certifications as possible in order to land a job, and educate yourself regarding the many ways to interview more effectively.

Once you find work, focus on being a high performer. Showing up early or at least on time is a good starting point. Focus on problem-solving, rather than complaining - and be sure to volunteer for extra projects, create a unique set of goals to achieve, and always look for ways to improve.

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