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HR Jobs >> HR Articles >> HR Career Feature >> Effective Resume and Cover Letter Tips for a Human Resources Job
  • HR Career Feature

Effective Resume and Cover Letter Tips for a Human Resources Job

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Alright you're going to make application for human resources employment, and know that you will be waiting for a call to come in for an interview. Of course when you make out your resume and your cover letter you always try to be energetic, confident and enthusiastic, but never egotistic, pushy nor aggressive. Tall order? You bet!

When you make out your resume and cover letter, you need to follow the best advice possible and make it a marketing communication that is in effect selling you! If your resume is centered on the benefits you can bring to the employer, you have done your resume in a correct manner for human resources careers. Of course a resume needs to give basic facts, understood, but it's not a catalogue either where the employer could check off items. Only if you make it interesting to the employer, will it be read. You need to focus on the employer's needs and certainly not your own when seeking human resources jobs.

Make personal connections that make you the ''best'' candidate for the job. Does the job entail math? Then give examples of using math that made you better than others in trying to solve math problems. Did you win acting awards, how will that help your phone presentations? Does your resume make workable assertions? Human resources jobs frequently entail the training of others. Surely those acting awards will make you a better trainer?

Look at your objective, does it involve or convey what makes you better than anyone else? Does it say, ''I want this job?'' It needs to emphatically state ''Here's why I work in human resources careers, and here's what I can do for you.'' In human resources jobs there comes a time when you are going to have to be capable of handling a given crisis in a discreet and very smooth manner. What in your past proves that you can do this? How about the fact that you were somehow a good judge of morale? How did you show that morale boosting incentives were needed? Maybe you can show this through something you did in a club in college?

Perhaps you have a degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences, use that to show how that will be a good part of your job for the company as their human sources administrator. Your work in human resources employment will need to be people oriented, thus what made you people oriented in previous jobs you held? Build that side of the jobs when describing them. Human resources employment deals with performance issues, therefore how did you deal with performance issues in the past? Perhaps you were the president of your glee club, and had to remove people from the club for different reasons? How was being president of a glee club instrumental in teaching you about staffing, for example?

Go deeply into your past and arrive at being able to choose things that happened to you where you had to find the resourcefulness for people through some cohesive policies that you were instrumental in creating and even enforcing. After all there is a solid reason why you wish to go into human resources careers, right? There is a recession going on, yet you are making a move to get into this kind of career, why? If you can answer that question, you've got at least half of your resume and cover letter written, and if you've done what is suggested here, you have 100% of the right answers to any tough questions they put to you in the interview.

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