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HR Jobs >> HR Articles >> HR Career Feature >> Human Resources Jobs in Demand
  • HR Career Feature

Human Resources Jobs in Demand

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If you think that a position in human resources would interest you, this is one career that is in demand and will continue to grow at least through 2014. The need for personnel and management is growing quite rapidly and the digital systems that are being used today are making their mark. Whether you are thinking of the client aspect of the job or management, the time is right to find out what you can do to make a difference. Depending on the type of position that you are interested in, with the right training, your annual salary can exceed $60,000. If you majored in a related field in college and are ready to graduate, you may be surprised to learn just how great the job market is right now for human resource professionals.

Human Resources Jobs in Demand
Whether you are thinking of the client aspect of the job or management, the time is right to find out what you can do to make a difference.
Skills Needed for Human Resources Jobs

The skills you will use depend entirely upon the position for which you are applying. Basic computer skills, teamwork, and effective communication with clients and personnel are all important when considering a career in human resources. Entry level positions are often the first filled when college graduates start looking for jobs. Some employers expect the successful candidate to have completed college having majored in human resources, administration for human resources, or a labor and industrial relations major.

Human resources are important to every company. Normally, it is the hiring department and takes care of any problems employees may encounter. Whether they are located in another city or within the same building of the hiring company, they are responsible for the employees. They make sure all paperwork is taken care of, that hiring status and wages are entered into the proper databases, and ensure that tax information is sent to the proper place.

The computer skills you have learned over the course of your education will serve you well when you are hired for a human resources job. This is the primary way that any company keeps all of their pertinent information for their employees. Even your information has to be updated by someone.

The human resources employee is responsible for a wide variety of tasks. One of these would be taking care of background checks when taking a position with an HR (Human Resources) department within most companies. These checks are becoming more common due to the hiring positions that are opening, as well as the need to check people out before they can represent a business. Since many positions require handling money, the employer wants to know the person they have hired is trustworthy.

The skills you will need as a human resources employee will be a balance of administrative skills and personnel skills. Some of your duties may include interviewing job applicants. Afterward, you will be asked to make a recommendation to the department head for the position applied. You must learn to be a good judge of character. Filling vacancies is one of the top priorities to companies so that productivity will not suffer.

What Positions are Available in Human Relations Careers?

When you decide to work in the human resources jobs field, know that there are several levels of employment. The basic positions are listed here with the salaries you might expect, keeping in mind that this may change due to supply and demand.

1) Human Resources Assistant I - Depending upon the company, the requirements for this position may require an associate’s degree or comparable training as well as up to two years of work experience. The duties of the assistant are most likely going to include finding new employees, employment, taking care of personnel records, doing job evaluations, benefits, and training. The salary is over $26,000 per year.

2) Training Specialist I - This employee will handle training for different programs, including new employees. They will familiarize themselves with the company’s procedures and expectations. The salary is over $37,000 per year.

3) Human Resources Generalist I - The requirements of this position includes collecting data pertaining to all the different requirements of the HR department. They will be responsible for making their recommendations to their superiors. Sending information regarding benefits or policies is another part of this job. They will report all their information to a manager. Pay rate is over $37,000 per year.

4) Labor Relations Specialist - The duties of this position will include being in on any labor contract talks. The laws dealing with local as well as state and federal must be a familiar subject. They may give their opinions on any changes they feel should be made to existing policies to make sure the company is in compliance with new or existing regulations. The salary for this position is over $44,000 per year.

5) Human Resources Manager - The manager has a wide array of duties. They must create detailed plans of the company’s programs for the employees, their reimbursements, company benefits, training of new employees, programs ensuring the health and safety of employees, and making sure all positions are staffed. They do this with the help of other employees they manage. The human resources jobs they are responsible for include almost everything except executive level positions. Their salary is usually the above $63,000 range, but could be more depending upon experience.

Human Resources Jobs in Demand
The skills you will need as a human resources employee will be a balance of administrative skills and personnel skills
When it comes to human resources jobs, Joe Vocino, senior compensation consultant of Mercer Human Resource Consulting, says the last 10 years have brought dramatic changes to HR careers. “You are seeing HR being valued much, much more in organizations,” he stated, adding that “More and more, we are seeing HR right at the CEO’s side at the time of strategic decisions, acquisitions, and divestitures.”

According to several sources there is no where to go but up for human resources careers. The competition is going to get fierce as more graduates hit the job market looking for the positions that can give them the career for which they trained. Whether you are looking for human resources jobs that are entry level or the management jobs that pay well, one thing you already know is they are hiring and will continue to hire human resources professionals over the next several years.

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