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HR Jobs >> HR Articles >> HR Career Feature >> Recession Proof your Job: Ten Job Secrets for Career Success
  • HR Career Feature

Recession Proof your Job: Ten Job Secrets for Career Success

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Economic times, organizations are constantly changing and adapting to these changes. So you can find professional success, you must be proactive about your work. The following are ten career secrets you can use to ''recession proof'' yourself and find professional success no matter what the economic situation is:

1. Find out what your organization needs for career success

Invest the time to research and understand your organization's mission, goals and values. Your organization may be facing the challenges and the person who can tune into what the organization needs to succeed and provide the solution you can write your own ticket to career success.

2. Being a change Agent for Professional Success

The organizational change will change the way you do your job. There is no escape from changes that are happening around us all the time. Learn to accept those changes so that you can learn to take advantage of available career opportunities of being an agent of change.

3. It will be the Master of Your Work to Professional Success

Invest the time to learn everything there is to know about your work. Tasks often make an ideal employee while teachers make 80% of the time. So when a job opportunity rises, this employee who has been trained through experience has the skills to take advantage of a promotion or rise.

4. Volunteer to Make a Difference to Professional Success

Volunteer for tasks that gives expose to your skills. Look especially on difficult projects that others have declined.

5. Being a solution and not a Creator Maker problem for Professional Success

Anyone can find problems within organizations. It is necessary to find... they will find you. Some people have a knack for finding problems and reporting them.

Ideas develop the ability to see these problems as ''opportunities for advancement,'' step back and analyze the opportunity, and are developed to overcome the problem. Make sure you communicate these solutions during meetings, memos, e-mails and conversations with management. Soon it will be considered by management as someone who can overcome obstacles and make things within the organization.

6. Handle the Next Level at this Level to Professional Success

If you are an administrator and want to become a vice president, then start working as a vice president. Be a vice president who is open to mentoring for the next level. Remember, the vice president will not be promoted to the next level unless the organization considers that the vice president has developed someone to take his place. That could well be you. Additionally, you can relieve the burden on the vice president.

7. Announce that you want!

Many times employees lose promotions because the decision makers are influential in making career decisions do not know employees are interested in being promoted.

Announce that you want to go to the next career level!

Take time to sit down with your supervisor, manager, director, etc. and let them know you are interested in going to the next level. Ask them for the honest assessment of your ability. Then ask what you need to do to be ready when the opportunity
appears next race.

They also announce their career aspirations to influencers in the Human Resources Department. Remember that the more people you can hire from within, less work to do. Make it easy to hire you.

Announce it to anyone who can influence the decision of his class.

8. Network and Income Groups to Accelerate Your Career Success

Join and be active on committees within your organization for professional success. This shows that management cares enough to make a difference. It also allows a larger assortment of manager’s experience of your skill sets outside your normal duties.

Join and let your organization know that has joined these groups. This will show your organization that you are an employee who is taking steps to stay ahead of the ''curve of career success and can contribute to the organization.

9. Tell Your Work History for Career Success

That so many people within your organization and outside the organization know what you do and how well you do. Be sure to tell your story of working in meetings, business conferences and retreats, and customers. Make sure you tell them with passion!

Many people are ashamed to tell the story in a professional group. Because of this fear, you may miss a single opportunity to let others know what you know. One of the most important things you can unite to overcome this fear is Toastmasters. This is a worldwide organization with more than 175,000 members dedicated to helping members improve their public
speaking, evaluation, think-on-his-feet, and leadership skills. The main reasons should join Toastmasters are:

10. Build a Reserve for Professional Success

One of the biggest obstacles to the creation of career success is building a financial nest egg. When you are in an economic disadvantage are less likely to seek employment opportunities, invest in educational opportunities to increase your skills and, most importantly, you can develop a great fear of losing your jobs, while in your current position.
Eliminate your debts so that all can freely pursue career opportunities as they arise. It is fun to know that he wanted a particular job, but could not because of financial obligations.

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