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California (3039)
Texas (2479)
Florida (2444)
Washington (2382)
Pennsylvania (2092)
Virginia (2052)
Maryland (1501)
Ohio (1397)
New York (1391)
North Carolina (1199)
Tennessee (1117)
Michigan (1084)
New Jersey (971)
Illinois (967)
Arizona (880)
Massachusetts (814)
Georgia (710)
Missouri (635)
Minnesota (631)
Colorado (618)
Connecticut (597)
Wisconsin (565)
Arkansas (562)
Kentucky (504)
Nevada (492)
Indiana (484)
Alabama (479)
Oregon (475)
South Carolina (428)
Iowa (420)
Oklahoma (398)
Louisiana (363)
District of Columbia (347)
Nebraska (273)
Mississippi (269)
Utah (259)
Idaho (253)
New Mexico (235)
Montana (231)
New Hampshire (226)
Rhode Island (209)
West Virginia (197)
Kansas (177)
Hawaii (162)
Delaware (129)
Maine (114)
Alaska (112)
Vermont (107)
South Dakota (107)
North Dakota (96)
Wyoming (41)

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